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BRIEF HISTORY : Established in 1988 as a small lab with all basic investigations, Dhande Lab has blossomed into a fully automated computerized lab with state of art technology while retaining the much needed human touch. Today, Dhande lab not only performs routine and special investigations for its walk in patients but also caters to the diagnostic needs of major hospitals and institutions in and around Pune. CORE VALUES : 1. Patients needs and satisfaction towards rendered services are of paramount importance. 2. Timely reporting of accurate and reliable results 3. Personalized service and total dedication to doctors and patients alike 4. Best possible services at least possible cost to the patient. SAMPLE COLLECTION AND PHLEBOTOMY SERVICES : Just leave your fears and worries at the doorstep before entering our lab because we assure you of a kind, gentle and scientifically correct approach towards sample collection, processing and results reporting. For those who can not come to our lab personally for whatever reasons, we have an effective network of technicians for home sample collection. We have our own collection centres in different localities to facilitate collection of samples and delivery of reports. However quality is not compromised as sample processing is done in the central lab under supervision of pathologist. We also have trained, experienced and well equipped phlebotomists for sample collection from health camps organized by various organizations. TECHNICAL EDGE : 1. BiOLiS 24 i : Fully automated biochemistry analyzer with high accuracy, precision and throughput. 2. MISPA Nano : Fully automated biochemistry analyzer 3. BC 3000 PLUS : 3 - Part Differential Automated Hematology Analyzer 4. D 10 HPLC SYSTEM : for HbA1c and Hemoglobinopathies 5. EaSy Rate 12 : Automated ESR estimation. 6. LAB Tech , Germany : Automated Coagulometer 7. COBAS e 411 : Advanced electrochemiluminescence immunoassay system for hormonal assays, tumour markers, anemia markers, cardiac markers etc. 8. MINI VIDAS : Fully automated Immunofluorescence System for hormonal assays, tumour markers, drug levels and infectious disease diagnosis. 9. BIORAD ELISA READER : Plate reader for various Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assays. 10. RIDA ALLERGY SCREEN : Automated immunoblot technique for quantitative determination of specific IgE antibodies against a panel of individual allergens in human serum. 11. MINI API ( Biomerieux ) : Automated, reliable and rapid identification of over 800 species of bacteria and yeast. Simultaneous detection of antibiotic and antifungal sensitivity pattern. 12. BD BACTEC 9050 Blood Culture Systems : Automated truly non-invasive blood culture system. Higher yield with lower sample volume and earlier than orthodox blood culture systems. QUALITY ASSURANCE : Dhande lab has always taken pride in quality reports and services. To assure our valuable patients and referring doctors of world class quality, we regularly take the extra efforts required for internal and external quality control checks. The referring doctors over the past 22 years and excellent performance in proficiency testing schemes vouch for that. REPORTS DISPATCHING : Since patient convenience and satisfaction has always been an upfront consideration, we have started results reporting by SMS as well as by e-mail. Thus patients can know their results while on the move or from the comfort of their homes.

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